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Wouldn't it be helpful if the IPO process could be made much more efficient and predictable? Without spending endless hours and months taking the next steps?
Our customers get a tailor-made solution and their own personal contact from us.
Why Go Public? Reasons to go public on the NASDAQ,NYSE or OTC
Many investors will never invest in a private company,because their stock is not liquid.Once thay buy in, they're somewhat "stuck" with the stock, unless/until there is a major event like the sale of the company.
However, if your company is publicly traded, even on a smaller board such as the OTCQB or PinkSheets,their investment is liquid. This
liquidity reduces their risk. This typically makes it easier for companies to raise money.

Going Public

A public traded company has direct access to the capital markets and can raise more capital by issuing additional stock in a secondary offering. Public companies can also more easily raise funds and engage with institutional investors.



GH Bill target markets and industry overview

Financial Service Technology, also known as FinTech, is a line of business based on using software to provide financial services. Financial technology companies are generally founded with the purpose of disrupting incumbent financial systems and corporations that rely less on software

- European, North American and South American markets.
- GH Bill manages its capital to increase revenues.