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Wouldn't it be helpful if the IPO process could be made much more efficient and predictable? Without spending endless hours and months taking the next steps?
Our customers get a tailor-made solution and their own personal contact from us.


Emerging growth or small – most start up companies do not qualify for a large Stock Exchange such as Nasdaq, NYSE, AMEX, but they can become publicly traded on the OTC Markets / OTCBB such as:


Going Public: "A public traded company has direct access to the capital markets and can raise more capital by issuing additional stock in a secondary offering. Public companies can also more easily raise funds and engage with institutional investors."

What We Do

We guide and assist international companies from the USA, Canada, Europe and Asia, to complete the whole "going public " process from scratch. A publicly traded company has greater opportunities over all. It can attract potential investors based on an active liquid market for buyers and sellers. This liquidity can significantly increase the value of the corporation, contingent, of course, on a variety of different factors.


We know all the ins and outs. We know the difficulties you could face if you are engaged with the wrong IPO advisory partner. Even more important, we tell you exactly what you need to know in advance to avoid any delays or pitfalls. Our professional team of experts from diversified industries will ensure that your firm comes first and will prevent your firm from getting ripped off.

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and thousands of dollars

Professional Team

Which handle your corporation's needs first

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Let us advise you free of charge.
Just send us a message in German or English.



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